8 Things To Do If You Get Locked Out Of House or Car?

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Getting locked out of your house or car can be a frustrating and stressful experience. However, staying calm & taking prudent steps to resolve the situation swiftly is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore eight crucial things to do if you face a home or vehicle lockout. Whether it’s a misplaced key or a malfunctioning lock, these tips will help you regain access quickly.

8 Practical Tips to Keep in Mind When Facing a Home or Car Lockout


Here are the tips:

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation


Staying calm and assessing the situation is paramount when faced with a car or home lockout, as it enables individuals to approach the predicament with a clear and rational mindset. In the event of being locked out of a vehicle or home, panic can exacerbate the situation, clouding judgment and hindering problem-solving. By remaining composed, one can evaluate available options, such as checking for spare keys, contacting a locksmith, or seeking assistance from relevant authorities. 

Contact a Trusted Locksmith


In the case of a home or vehicle lockout, a professional locksmith can be your lifesaver. Search for local locksmith services that specialize in home lockouts and vehicle lockouts. Make sure to choose a reputable locksmith with positive reviews and competitive pricing.

In the case of a car lockout, a reliable locksmith possesses the skills to unlock various vehicle models without causing damage, using specialized tools to ensure a seamless and non-destructive resolution. Similarly, for house lockouts, a trusted locksmith can adeptly navigate a range of lock types, employing their knowledge to gain access without compromising the security of the property. 

Beyond their technical proficiency, a reputable locksmith also offers a sense of assurance, providing quick response times and 24/7 availability to alleviate the stress & inconvenience associated with being locked out.

Retrieve Spare Keys


Retrieving spare keys plays a crucial role in swiftly resolving the inconvenience of a car or house lockout. In the event of being locked out, readily available spare keys offer a quick and efficient solution, eliminating the need for expensive locksmith services or potential property damage. Extra keys can be securely stored with trusted individuals, such as family members, neighbors, or friends, ensuring accessibility during emergencies. For vehicles, keeping a spare key in a magnetic case attached to the undercarriage or utilizing a keyless entry system can provide easy retrieval.

Check for Unlocked Windows or Doors


Assess the perimeter of your home or vehicle for any unlocked windows or doors. Be cautious and ensure your safety while attempting to access these entry points. It’s a simple but effective way to get back in without professional assistance.

Use a Credit Card for Simple Locks


If you’re locked out of your home and have a simple door lock, a credit card can be a makeshift tool to unlock the door. Slide the card between the door and the frame, position it above the latch, and gently wiggle the card, applying slight pressure to open the door.

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Seek Assistance from Authorities


In some cases, especially if a child or pet is locked inside, involving local authorities is crucial. Call the non-emergency police line or the fire department to request assistance. They may have the tools and expertise to help in emergencies.

When facing a lockout, contacting the appropriate authorities ensures a secure and legal resolution, minimizing the risk of damage to property or vehicles. In many cases, law enforcement or emergency services can coordinate with locksmiths or other relevant professionals to provide immediate assistance, facilitating a prompt and stress-free resolution to the lockout. 

Consider DIY Solutions for Vehicle Lockouts


If you’re locked out of your car, explore DIY solutions such as using a coat hanger or a slim Jim to unlock the door. Remember that these methods require precision to avoid damaging your vehicle, so use caution and consider professional help if needed.

Prevent Future Lockouts with Key Management


Learn from the experience and implement better key management practices. Consider investing in key lock boxes, leaving spare keys with trustworthy neighbors, or using smart lock systems that provide convenient and secure access options.

Key management refers to systematically handling and safeguarding cryptographic keys that control access to sensitive information or secure physical spaces. In the digital realm, robust key management practices are crucial to safeguarding data, preventing unauthorized access, and maintaining the integrity of communication channels. In physical security, key management is vital to control access to buildings and assets, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry. 



Experiencing a home or vehicle lockout can be challenging, but by staying calm and following these eight essential steps, you can navigate through it successfully. Whether you opt for professional locksmith services, retrieve spare keys, or explore DIY solutions, the key is to act swiftly and efficiently to regain access to your home or car.

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